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Core Markets


By being focused on only our core markets, we are able to offer an efficient and wide reach of the best selection of candidates across the UK.

Whether you have a flux in workload and are looking for a single temporary worker or require hundreds of permanent positions filled across multiple sites, we have the ability and knowledge to deliver.

Our Ethos

At Armstrong Procter, we think we are good – great, even – but not perfect. Our ethos’ are simple, and are geared at providing the best service for you.

We do our best but can’t know everything, especially when you get into the very technical stuff! Our consultant will let you know if this is the case, as we want to better our chance to help you.

A relaxed yet professional manner, we don’t just want it to be a “them and us” scenario. It makes for a friendlier, more open relationship, which makes both our jobs not only easier, but more pleasant.

No matter what you need or when you need it.  To clarify certain points?  Check.  To negotiate deals with candidates? Check.  At the end of the day our aim is to work on those longer term mutual relationships to ensure everyone is happy (and you come back to us for help).



Sounds obvious but doesn’t always seem to happen!


We agree a process/timeline. We appreciate having to work around BAU.


We search multiple databases and market your position.


Every relevant candidate is screened and interviewed on your behalf to ensure both technical and personal skills match.


You receive the initial shortlist for review. With your feedback we can narrow the selection, or book in those interviews.


We work with you through the whole process to manage all parties’ expectations until we’ve secured the right individual(s).


We don’t just disappear! We stay in touch to ensure a smooth transition over the first few months; helping fix any of those teething problems that arise.
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